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This project is slow developing. Believe me, any e-mail expressing interest will probaby elicit a flurry of activity on my part! Contact me at:

1798: The Year of the Great Epidemic,

a collection of primary documents

to supplement Chapter 14 of my on-line manuscript, Destroying Angel: Benjamin Rush, Yellow Fever and the Birth of Modern Medicine.

Part One: Memoirs of the Epidemic

1. Rush's Account of the Bilious Yellw Fever as it Appeared in Philadelphia in the Year 1798: Rushmem98.html

2. William Currie's Memoir (an almost day-by day account of the Philadelphia epidemic): currie1798.html

3. Dr. John Warren's Letter on the Boston Epidemic: boston98.html

4. My own short history of the New York epidemic: NYC98

Part Two: Rush Family Letters rush98new.html (I must get permission from Duke U. to put these on-line. E-mail me if you'd like to see them)

Part Three: How Others Were Tested

1. The Quaker Experience

2. Elihu Smith and Charles Brockden Brown brownandsmith.html

3. Samuel L. Mitchill

4. Samuel P. Griffitts

Part Four: Newspaper coverage


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