Boom! Power!


a dramatic poem about the

Ford Motor Company 1903-1947

I wrote this dramatic piece in 1969-70, and it was produced as a play in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1970. It was produced again in Washington, D.C. in 1975. I conceived of the play as having simultaneous action and wrote it originally to suggest that. Thirty years later such a format seems standard for webpages, so perhaps the web is the proper theatre for this play! That said, I encourage you to read the words aloud, and I'll gladly assist in any production. Contact me at

Bob Arnebeck

Here are the portions of the play that I've put on to date:

So Hop In for the Ride!

Part One: Birth of the Model T

The race against Winton and organization of the Company: oneone.html

The Mack Avenue Plant and early rivalries and production problems: onetwo.html

Battle over control of the company and fighting the Selden Patent: onethree.html

The Piquette Avenue Plant and Model K luxury car: onefour.html

New men to guide the growing company: onefive.html

Ford takes control; Flanders works for production flow: onesix.html

Money problems but the Model N saves the company: oneseven.html

A room to design a new model: oneeight.html

Birth of the Model T: onenine.html

Shake-up; Retool; Production begins: oneten.html

Part Two: Model T, Assembly Line

and Five Dollar Day

Pressuring suppliers; assembly plants and woes; partners feud twoone.html

Race to Seattle; Ford almost sells company; Edsel's school teacher twotwo.html

Gravity slides; Couzens' new bank; Ford realizes he's rich twothree.html

Dodge brothers leave; time and motion studies; labor troubles twofour.html

Victory in the patent suit; Wills designs a new car; twofive.html

Conveyor belts; engine line; labor turnover twosix

Five Dollar Day twoseven

Part Three: Highland Park to the Rouge

Riot at employment office; Fordson tractor threeone

$50 rebate; Couzens quits threetwo

Almost all the photos I've used are from various websites. In time I will give credits to all.