It's a short statement;

get it on the streets this afternoon.

The cause of my resignation

from the Ford Motor Company

is Mr. Ford's views on

the Allies' War Loan and

national preparedness.

The friendly relations that

existed between us for years

changed of late;

our disagreements daily

becoming more violent. I finally

decided that I would not

be carried on that kind of kite.

I have never in my life

worked for any man. Even when

I was a car checker,

I had no boss. But I was and

am today, willing to work with any man.

I will work with Henry Ford,

but I refuse to work for him.



Mr. Pipp, I forced Couzens to resign.

I had a check kept on Jim -

he only came to the plant about

60 days last year. Jim's

the best when he's

on the job, but when he's not?

I figured those peace articles

would make him mad. Jim

is still a director. My son Edsel

is going to step in as secretary.


There's an interesting woman in town

who liked that article I wrote

on your peace views.

She's leading an international

peace organization.

She has some good ideas,

and needs your help.


Let me talk to her.

Let the Neutral Nations and Peace Loving Peoples of the World establish a Commission in a Neutral Country that continually keep channels open so that the Belligerants can have some place to come and discuss Peace at any time.

Madame Rosika Schwimmer,

League for a Continuous Neutral Commission


I don't like war. Can it work?

A neutral commission, how about that?


The belligerants will find it easier

to begin discussing peace.


Then people can have some place to squawk,

and make them make peace.


It will take time and money.


Not if we get people behind it.

With all the people for peace the fighters will

stop this war nonsense!


Especially if President Wilson supports our efforts.


We can go see him, but popular opinion

is what we need. That's what made my car great;

that's what will get us peace.


JUNE 34,085 JULY 16,588 AUGUST 24,550 SEPTEMBER 32,063 OCTOBER 35,199 NOVEMBER 36,835 DECEMBER 42,253 TOTAL MADE 372,255 TOTAL SOLD 321,805 NET INCOME $24,641,423 EMPLOYEES 18,892 PRICE OF TOURING CAR $440



This young man has worked in different departments in our organization.

Now he is our secretary. I give you Mr. Edsel Ford.


Thank you, and Frank Klingensmith is now treasurer.

You men will teach me a great deal.


With Couzens gone and your father working on his tractor, we have to reorganize

the company so we all know on whose shoulders various responsibilities lie.


Look at this:


Financial Department




real estate

charitable donations



Sales Department


car services


general construction

outgoing traffic



Manufacturing Department


plant construction

plant equipment


inbound traffic


These are operating committees. The way Mr. Henry Ford has us working,

our activities all bear on these different areas. With this, we at least know

who is in charge. I mean of these different areas, under Mr. Edsel Ford.


This is make believer until Henry agrees to it.


Please speak freely about my father, when it bears on company policy


Henry Ford can't run this company himself. He won't admit that anyone

can run it better. But gentlemen, there is so much we must do.

Henry Ford will get the credit, but we'll do it. Before us,

is the chance to control the greatest company ever created. We have

a surplus of $48,000,000. We can build another Highland Park,

mass produce a different type of car, say a $1200 model,

and in two years control 80% of the automobile market!


That's a bright prospect.


We should bring this to father's immediate attention.

I think he has different plans.


The machines limit what we can do.

Any machine that is faster or bigger

so that less men make more,

we will pay anything to get.

Tool salesman

A machine with the specifications you want

needs a new blade every four hours.


The time we save more than pays

for extra blades. Get me a machine

that makes 200 cuts an hour

not 200 in a day.

Tool salesman

I sold tools to men that loved them

so they'd last a lifetime.


If you can't make the tools we need,

you better believe,

we have the money to make our own.



Dodge needs money and he'll fight

to get Ford dividends. When

your father expands,

he cuts dividends


You suggest we delay expansion?

What can Dodge do?


Go to court. He already suspects

that Ford money goes into

the tractor illegally. Dodge wants

to make cars, and he needs more

than talent and ideas. He needs money.

I'm talking about John Dodge. He

will get money any way he can.

Edsel, there are ruthless aspects

to this business.



The people bought 300,000 by August, so you give them $50 back.


Of course, we can't renig on a promise. But Mr. Ford, now that

we've rewarded the worker and they buyer, don't you think

we should put money into assuring our future?


What are you talking about?


Build a new plant and make another car. With our money

and experience, we could make a $1200 car to compete

with any $2,000 car. We can control 80% of the market.


That's stupid.

I'm building a new plant all right, out on the Rouge.


Great. Now


You stick with sales. The Model T is my car.

You sell her, or I'll get somebody else to sell her.



I heard a dealer say, "the car sells itself." He's wrong!

The dealer is as much a part of the car as the engine. You're a part of the Organization.

Every man along the line, production man, assembly man, distribution man

makes the car easier for you to sell. But if you give up and let the car sell itself,

you are wrong. Put your part of the car in. This year tell people about

new curved fenders, Klaxon horn, electric lights and curved steel cowl.

And make sure the customer buys the right Ford. The Roadster at $345

is the best car buy in history. And for $15 more he gets more space

in the Touring Car. And if the buyer wants luxury, sell the Coupe at $505,

or the Town Car at $595. You are part of the car; you tell the people

what the Ford is. You see, gentlemen, if you don't tell them,

they'll never know. So the car might as well have never existed.

You make the car.

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