Let's get conveyors in

for motor assembly first.

Then do chassis assembly.


Rig something up

for Henry to see. Make sure

he wants this. You know

what happened to Wills's car?


He'll want this.

Use a motor driven chain

about three feet high

to carry the chassis

past the assemblers.

MODEL Ts Made 1913: January 15,600, February 16,400, March 15.600



No man, no sane man

can react that way!


He cancelled all the orders for

parts for the new model.


We got what we deserved.


Ford's insane!

He didn't say a word?


A little later we talked about

his trip, electricity,

and Avery's new idea.


Not a word!

He just destroyed!

I'm getting out of this racket

before it explodes!



1. put cylinder on hot plate, plug holes with asbestos 2. put on babbitting fixture 3. put on babbitting bar and plate 4. pour babbitt 5. take off babbitting bar and plate

APRIL 23,400

10. wash cylinder 9. file gates 8. peen babbitt 7. chop gates 6. take off cylinder

11. broach 8 push rod guide holes 12. seat 8 valve seats 13. put in valves 14. grind valves 15. wash valves 16. inspect valves

MAY 17,700

19. water test cylinder 18. assemble valve spring and spring seat to motor 17. steam cylinders

20. assemble valve spring seat pins 21. file burrs 22. gauge holes 23. assemble front bearing 24. assemble center bearing

25. assemble rear cap and bolts and put on two nuts 26. tighten nuts on front bearing 27. put in two nuts on center bearing 28. tighten center bearing bolt nuts 29. tighten main bearing and take case from bench

34. assemble front bearing to cam shaft 33. file off burrs 32. file bearing 31. round bearing corners 30. take cylinder from line, ream, put on slide

JUNE 22,700

35. assemble spring to bearing 36. assemble center bearing 37. assemble gear to cam shaft 38. test size of cam shaft gear

43. blow out motor 42. drive cam shaft in cylinder 41. assemble push rods 40. line ream bushings 39. drive brass bushing in case

JULY 15,500

44. put in cam bearing screws 45. take push rods below valves 46. guage pin bearing on crankshaft 47. scrape off burrs on cylinder bores 48. inspect

1913 USE

1,000,000 acetylene lamps

800,000 wheels and tires

90,000 tons of steel

400,000 cattle hides

2,000,000 square feet of glass

12,000,000 hickory billets for wheelspokes

35,000 freight cars

14,366 men



A large part of turnover

arises because we let men

off during August

because of low production.


Mr. Ford tells the men

they are supposed to go

to the country and help

with the harvest.


Sure. Some get other jobs

and a lot of men are fired.

Take the power to fire away

from foremen. If a foreman

doesn't like a man put that

man in another department.



Go around to all our assembly plants

and get them ready for line production

and assembly. Sorensen has the plans.

This will be a good introduction

to our operations. I put up most

of the assembly plants. I don't think

you'll change much, right Bill?


Thank you, Mr. Wills.


1. take off caps 2. punch oil holes 3. countersink 4. mark caps 5. file angle on bearing 6. wipe out dirt 7. chip gear cover 8. lay crank in place 9. oilstone crankshaft 10. fit liners 11. put in six bearing bolts 12. put in cotter pins 13. tighten nuts on bearing bolts 14. clean out front cover 15. run in crankshaft 16. ream bearing 17. break bearing 18. fit pistons

AUGUST 8,600

19. fit rings to pistons 20. stone burrs on crankshaft pins 21. turn over motor 21. mark caps on rods 22. retry pistons 23. take off and file caps 24. put on two top rings 25. push pistons in cylinder 26. pull one and four rods to crank pin 26. put on nuts and pins 27 turn over crank 28. assemble two and three rods to crank


29. belt pistons 30. run pistons in cylinders 31. time motor 32. dirve six studs 33. clean cylinder 34. put on head and gasket 35. drive fifteen bolts 36. tighten fifteen cylinder head bolts 37. put in four bogus plugs 38. put on magneto coil 39, wire coil 40. put in oil tube 41. clamp and gauge coil

OCTOBER 10,100

42. assemble cylinder front cover 43. hand transmission 44. assemble fan pulley 45. assemble commutator 46. inspect motor 47. blow out valve doors 48. blow out motor 49. put on bands 50. put on universal ball cap pan on motor 51. put in pan bolts 52. put in two front cover bolts in pan 53. put in transmission cover gasket 54. assemble transmission cover to motor


55. tighten pan bolts 56. put in cotter pins 57. put in cover to pan bolts 58. put on nuts 59. tighten bolts 60. put in cotter pins 61. oil 62. assemble slow speed connection 63. adjust slow speed connection 64. assemble exhaust and intake pipes with carburetor 65. sssemble magneto contact 66. put in side and top water connection 67. paint motor 68. remove from line ONE MOTOR IN 55 MINUTES 49 SECONDS




NET INCOME $25,000,000



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