Parker says he's a bad judge.


Give him a car.


That's bribery!

And this case isn't our only problem.

You make cars too damn slow!

What are you going about it?


I don't know.


What do you mean you don't know?

I run my side of the business,

why can't you run yours?


If you don't like the way I run things,

then quit!


Why don't you quit?


You have the money to buy me out?


No, but Billy Durant does.


What's his offer?


Eight million.


All mine?


Half, or stock in the new company,

and you can still work.


I don't work with anybody.

I want cash.


Durant's idea is to combine

REO, Buick and Ford.


Misery loves company.


It's fantastic!

The racer comes to town;

the dealer hires a band;

kids run behind;

the whole town comes out

to see the Model T

roar on to Seattle.

A million in publicity!

They're out of Utah

The wire says Car Two

was stuck. It took a day

to get four miles.

The other cars are stuck

in Colorado somewhere.

I know we'll win.

Get a photographer

to Seattle.

Write a book!

The Great Race!

Where's Snoqualmie Pass?

That's where

they expect real trouble.

Tell Mr. Ford,

he'll meet those boys

when they ride over.

And get a picture

of Ford, the car and the drivers.

And clean up the car first!

Keep the dirt!

That's the whole point!



Are you serious about selling out?


Here this Judge is trying to take my company

and I can't make the car I want. If we sell

would you stay with the company?


You saying you'll sell?


Sure, I'll sell.


I'll tell Durant.

Meanwhile I want Hawkins to start

a thorough accounting system

so I can fine out where the hold ups are in production.


All right.


Sure you made the car for the people, but face it Ford,

you can't get the car to them. Money and power

at our grasp and you can't make enough cars!

The only thing we can do is build a bigger company

or join in with Durant. To build a new plant

we need more money. The only way we can get it

is to raise the price of the car to $900.


We should cut the price.


Sure, sure, then more people can buy the car.

But we have enough people who want to buy the car!

We already look pretty damn foolish.

If more people wanted the car,

we'd look like the biggest fools on earth!


I'm selling out.


You're not a business man Ford. Malcomson set you up

and I've been keeping you going. If you ditch me

all the damn businessmen in Detroit

would be at your neck and tear you apart!

You're not a businessman. I am.

I'm your protector, and don't you forget it!


If I called the car the Couzens,

nobody'd believe it Jim.


Judge Hough continues his decision

All the discussion as to differences of type of various engines,

if they are a liquid hydrocarbon

gas engine of the compression


would seem to me at present to be beside the issue.

In short,

this American patent represents to me

a great idea conceived in 1879 which lay

absolutely fallow until 1895, was untl then

concealed in a file wrapper and is now

demanding tribute from later

independent inventors who more promptly

and far more successfully reduced their ideas

to practice.

But patents are granted for inventions.

The inventor may use his discovery or he may not.

That the applicant acquieces in delay or even

desires delay is immaterial to the Court so long

as statute law is not violated.

On these principles

complainants are entitled to a decree.


In a New York hotel room


So they run the business now.


Parker hired the best appeals lawyer in New York.


I told Durant I want a million in cash, now.


What did he say?


He said he'd have to talk with Olds.

Jim, me and the boys shoveled

up that road, snow 4 feet high,

to see the Model T come over

Snoqualmie Pass, and we were

there an hour and it came

roaring over! Tickled me to death!

Enter Ransom Olds


Good afternoon, gentlemen.


You talk to Durant?


Oh, I talked to Billy. I told him that if Ford

got a million in cash, why I thought

I should get a million too. He went pale,

sighed and said: "Well Ransom, that scotches it!"


So that's the end of Durant's General Motors.

We're still in business Ford.


I see Fred Smith and that crowd beat you.


We appealed.


Smith will beat you. Back when I ran Oldsmobile,

I tried to get out a good inexpensive car,

but Smith forced me out and made it so I got a bad price

when I tried to sell my stock. But my new REO Company


I got lumbago! Go away!


This means we expand!



Martin, in 1908 we had 500 men

and built 10,000 cars; in 1909

we have 1200 men and built only

17,000 cars!


Too crowded and labor turnover.


Well, no more. In five years

you'll have twenty-seven stories

of factory - forty-five acres

to graze your damn machines on!

The architect Kahn will be here

in an hour. You tell him

everything you want.


Where's the plant going to be?


Cross the city-line, in Highland Park.

Damn the mayor and his taxes!


A clerk

Mr. Ford, could you sign this?


What's this?


The routing re-check form.

It verifies that all a batch

of pistons was properly

accounted for.


You get me every one of these forms

and any other forms

that Hawkins brags about




I got some gasoline around here.

You help me burn 'em.

Only thing paper is good for

is to wipe your ass with!



I'm Clarence Avery. I taught Edsel Ford in high school.

I guess Mr. Ford got a good report on me.

He hired me to look over the shop.

Mr. Martin gave me Bill Klann as an assistant.

We want to know what your men do and how long it takes.


This man assembles magnetoes.

He sits at this bench

with all his tools and materials

spread out so he doesn't walk far.

He's pretty much by himself.

But I'm always around.

Most guys find their own speed.

Half an hour to assemble one.

              This man puts the piston on the rod.

He drives out this pin with this hammer,

oils the pin, slips the pin in the rod eye.

Then he turns the pin so it can

take the screw, turns the pinch screw

with a hand brace, tightens the screw,

then spreads the cotter pin end

with this jobber.

He makes 175 in 9 hours.


That's very interesting. One basic question:

How long does it take to make a car?


Too damn long!


How many hours?


I'd say ten hours or so.


You know, you just can't answer that.


I'll tell you why

it takes so long to make

radiators. You got to

stick each of these

brass tubes, ninety-five

of them! just right

into these fins.

If you goof the radiator leaks.

              Engine work is held up when

they lay the crank. It's a bitch

of a job. Sometimes it takes

an hour. The tough part

is filing the angle

on the bearing and chipping

the gear cover.


There's some hold ups. Now these assembly pits,

they get messy at times. Sometimes

they get cars together real fast.

Other times somethings short

or they have to work a new man

into the pit.


Maybe we could answer the question

if we put a stop watch

to every operation.


I got the watch.


1. Walk to bench

2. Get out tools

3. Clean tools

4. Get rods

5. Get pistons

6. Drive out pin

7. Walk to oil box

8. Dip pin in oil

9. Back to bench

10. Enter pin in piston




10 seconds

12 seconds

10 seconds

10 seconds

5 seconds

5 seconds

5 seconds

          11. Get rod

12. Put rod in piston

13. Get brace

14. Turn screw

15. Get wrench

16. Tighten screw

17. Place cotter pin

18. Spread end

19. Inspection

4 seconds

5 seconds

3 seconds

1 second

5 seconds

4 seconds

2 seconds

4 seconds

10 seconds

Total time: 95 seconds

Time getting something entailing moving feet or bending: 37 seconds


Of this list is right. He spends 40% of his time

shifting around.


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