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We congratulate the Public on the disappearance of the contagion which has lately been so fatal to many of our Citizens; and tho' we feel painful in reciting the loss of so many valuable Characters, yet to gratify the Public, who expect something of the kind, we here present them with the Names, & c. of those who have fallen victims to the Disease: They have been chiefly collected from Lists kept by private persons, and no doubt but they are very accurate.


The following is the Address, from the COMMITTEE of HEALTH, dated the 4th nov.

Fellow Citizens,

But three persons have died on the last four days in this City, and but three at Bellevue since the 27th of October, of fever in any degree resembling our late Epidemic.

The alarming situation in which this city has lately been, is calculated to excite the most serious reflections - to inspire feelings of veneration for that all controuling Power who, in the midst of such judgment, remembers mercy! - We trust that it has been under a sentiment of grateful dependance on him, that we have been encouraged to fulfil the duties you had entrusted: And we trust that while congratulations are repeated upon returning seasons of health, all hearts may be disposed to improve, to moral and virtuous purposes, both the threatening and felicitating dispensations of Heaven. Your Committee, at his period, chearfully recognize those principles of undeviating veracity, which during the increasing terror of their fellow-citizens, directed their daily reports respecting the progress of disease, -- It is with great satisfaction that they have found it evinced by their experience, that such exact details as they made to the public, instead of increasing those terrors, have tended in a great measure to subdue them: and the accomplishment of this is of immense importance to public happiness and convenience; fear mitigates its objects. During the existence of a calamity of this kind, circumstances will be ever exaggerated, by the timidity and credulity of individuals.

It is to be lamented, however, that falsehoods have been propogated from the basest, meanest, and most despicable motives -- by some as an apology for their panicc apprehensions -- by others, form the sensibilities of self-interest, and to gratify a sordid lust of gain,--- Lies have been propogated for the sake of the wonderful, and the excitement of surprise, by persons ungenerously forgetful of the extensive mischiefs naturally originating from this source - Despair - desertion - poverty - famine and death!

Perhaps an ill-judged tenderness for their reputation has prevented the publication of the names of some offenders. Had the falsehoods, repeated with great confidence in the country had any proper foundation, our city would long since have been nearly desolated.

We turn with pleasure to the recollection of circumstances more creditable to humanity and to acknowledge the liberality of those o our fellow citizens who have contributed to alleviate the distresses of the sick and suffering poor. The generous interference of sympathy from Philadelphia, and some neighbouring villages, demand our lasting gratitude: Such instances of mutual good-will and beneficence remain grateful memorials of the fraternity of a free and virtuous people.

From these resources 8837 dollars have been received; and your Committee feel a responsibility in the faithful and just distribution. Its proper objects being numerous, and often probably not within the sphere of their individual knowledge, each of the members of the committee is associated with two respectable citizens, in seeking out the sick and relieving those to whom their charity is directed.

Circumstances have not been wanting to shew the happy influence of temperance, cleanliness, and cold upon the late Epidemic. But while we rejoice that benevolent nature has given power to these agents to set bounds on its ravages, let us recollect that they are assiduously to be employed. We feel it incumbent on us to remind our fellow citizens of this truth, particularly those who are returning from the country. Houses which have contained the sick should be carefully ventilate; and things that have been employed by them, that cannot conveniently be cleansed by water, should be subjected freely to the action of cold.

It is not impossible that neglect in these particulars may occasion a few solitary instances of this disease, until we have experienced intense frost. For though we flatter ourselves it is extinguished as an Epidemic, and our streets free from all infection, we have before us the experience of other places to impress the necessity of such precautions.

Among the arrangement made by the Committee to prevent the spread of infectious disease, they consider early interments, and the use of the hearse, as one of the most important. Satisfactry of proofs of its utility might be detailed. It is to be wished that the good sense of the community might be exerted to conquer any prejudices which may remain in opposition to a practice of burial so much more convenient than the common mode, and so much more safe.

The resent state of Bellevue Hospital is pleasing, not only from it we anticipate the speedy extinction of all diseases therein, but from the happy and comfortable situation of the sick, and from the satisfaction expressed by them, with respect to their medical attendance. But three new patients have been received during the last ten days. There are now 13 sick in the hospital, 12 of whom are considered out of all danger. Since its first establishment eighty-nine persons have been discharged cured; the deaths have been published with our daily reports.

It is with great satisfaction that we remark, that, although some of the people who have been employed in attending this hospital have been slightly affected with the Epidemic, no one has died.

Much to the injury of the unfortunate persons who have been sent to his place, its circumstances have been sometimes grossly misrepresented. The sick have, in consequence, in numerous instances, sought this Asylum with hearts aching with anxiety and despair.

A senior consulting physician, was early appointed to visit it occasionally form this city. From its first establishment, one, and since the 24th of September, two physicians have constantly resided within its walls. A new building has been erected during the sickness, and no expense has been spared to render the sick commodious and happy. A committee from this board have made frequent visits and examination of its circumstances, and, from time to time, have witnessed with pleasure its improving state.

A more vigilant, humane, or attentive man, was never appointed Purveyor to an Hospital, than our late worthy Member, Mr. Frederick Stymets, whose death reminds us of the loss of our other friend and associate, Dr. Malachia Treat, who, there is reason to suspect, was also of victim to the discharge of faithful duty. The public will join with us in deploring the loss of such worthy and respectable members of society.

Before we dismiss the subject of the Hospital, it is but just that we acknowledge our sense of the merit of Dr. Alexander Anderson, and Dr. McFarlin, resident physicians at Bellevue (The former of these gentlemen engaged with zeal and virtue, at an early period, and under discouraging circumstance in their arduous duty.) Both for their persevering attention, humanity, and fidelity to the sick, they have deserved well of their country.

The Committee being employed in arranging expenditures, and in the settlement of accounts, request that all persons having demands upon them, present the same to Alderman Furman, No. 100, Broadway, on or before the 20th inst.

Signed by JOHN BROOME, Chairman,

And the rest of the Committee


List of the Names of the persons who have died in New-York, of the Yellow Fever, from the 29th of July, to the beginning of November, 1795.

Anderson, Mr.

Abernathy, William

Adamson, George

Adams, Mary

Ashton, George, Dover-Street

Adams, John, Water do.

Adamson, Mrs., wife of John, Water do.

Arcularius, Henry, Baker, Skinner do.

A woman at Adamson's .Water do.

Adams, Mrs., wife of Isaac, Catherine do.

Abeel, Mrs., Cherry do.

Albertson, -------,

Abeel, Dr. David G. Physician

Astor, David

Armour, William

Beekman, William, Ship-yards, aged 70.

Bowman, Samuel, Sailor, Pine-Street.

Beekman, William, Dock-builder, Oliver do.

Brigs, Sarah

Buckay, Mrs.

Buckley, Biddy, wife of Michael, Water-Street

Byrne, Nicholas, Water do

Burnett, Peter

Britton, John, Taylor, Cherry do

Bennett, Susan

Banner, James

Bowne, Elias

Bradish, Thomas

Braine, John H.

Brodie, William, Notary Public, Pearl do.

Bolin, Noah A.

Berthau, Constant

Bruster, Mrs.

Bucker, Mrs.

Bartram, Euric

Backwoes, Jonathan

Boss, Mr. Taylor, Water do

Buckley's, Mrs., little girl, Water do

Brower, Abraham, Printer, :Liberty do

Berrian, Daniel, Ship-Carpenter, Water do

Baptist, Mrs. Wife of John, Water do

Breen, Hugh, Tobacconist, New-Slip

Bankson, Benjamin, Clerk in the Bank, died in Philadelphia

Boston, Mr. Taylor, Water do

Bastroom, Errick, Swedish Sailor

Baird, John

Baldwin, Daniel, Cartman, Catherine do

Burtine, Samuel, from Brooklyn

Barns, Mary, Servant-Maid, Water do

Browne, John, Bellows-Maker, Cheapside

Bull, Eleonor, Shop-Keeper, Cherry do

Barnes Robert, Grocer, Catherine do

Bragg, John, Merchant, Water do

Bleecker, John, Broker & Auctioneer, Cherry do

Bryson, Roibert, Tallow-Chandler, Ferry-Street

Baines. Wright, Silk-Dyer, Pearl do

Burlington, Breckford

Boyd, Julia

Bradish, Mrs. Water do

Baker, Jeremiah, Grocer, Front do

Bligh, Rev. Mr. Pearl do

Brooks, Dr. David, Catherine do

Bowne, Elias, Marshal, Roosevelt do

Boyle, Patrick

Buffay, Joseph

Baines, Joshua, Silk-Dyer, Pearl do

Billings, Noyes, Clerk, Pine do

Bragg, John

Bains, Bughtman

Buchannan, John, Grocer, Cherry do

Buchannan, Mrs., wife of John, Cherry do

Barnes, Robert

Burling, Mr.

Barnaby, John, Sailor, Cherry do

Bennett, Cornelius, Cartman, Harman do

Burner, Capt. Philip

Browne, Mr.

Brunace, Anthony

Blake, Mary

Boyle, Mary

Blake, Mrs.

Brower, Samuel

Brush, Rev. Jacob, of the Methodist Church

Cregier, Mrs. Nassau-Street

Compton, Matthias

Cook, Sarah

Carmichael, James, Front do

Chapman, Capt. Daniel, from Connecticut

Christie, John, Tavern-Keeper, Water do

Campbell, Donald, from Head of the Delaware

Cannon, Daniel

Chew, Thomas

Cock, James, Merchant, Ship-Yards

Cook, -----, George Street

Clarke, ------,

Courtney, George, Plaister of Paris Manufacturer, Cherry do

Cannon, William

Cook, Catherine

Cevrie, Janus

Connor, Mrs.

Cock, Epraim

Christie, James

Church, William, Taylor, Water do

Clancey, James, Barber, Pecks-Slip

Cuff, a Negro

Coffee, Mr.

Clancy, William

Cadel, Mary

Cottle, Joseph

Child of widow Crawford's

Casey, Thomas

Chevalier, Mr. Front-Street

Clinton, Eleonor, Washer-woman, Crane-Wharf

Compton, Matthew, Labourer, Cherry-Street

Carter, Betsey, Servant-maid, Water do

Cunningham, Patrick, Cherry do

Carrol, Mary

Commandinger, John, Shoemaker, Pearl do

Craven, John, Gauger, Church do.

Coles, Mrs. Pecks-Slip

Crosson, Miss, Cherry do

Coles, ----, a young Lad

Cady, Samuel, Silver-Smith, Fly-Market

Camp, John, Merchant, William-Street

Conkling, Mrs. Cherry do

Christie, Mrs. Water do

Conray, Mrs. Wife of Peter, Roosevelt do

Carman, Benjamin, Hatter, Water do

Carsenbury, Michael, Catherine do

Copping, Francis

Conckling, Widow

Cunningham, James, Ferry do

Corrie, Mrs. Cooper, Cherry do

Casey, Fanny

Casey, Widow

Casey, Rosie

-- -----, a man at Casey's Tavern, Water do

---- -----, a young woman at Casey's, do

Cavin, Mrs. Pearl do

Cudder, Son of Stephen

Crawford, Mary

Campbell, Mrs.

Commadinger, Andrew, Printer, Pearl do

Clancey, Thomas, Nailer, James do

Clinch, John

Charne, John

Carpenter, James

Carpenter, John, Boarding-House, Fletcher do

Crawford, Susannah

----, -------, Commandinger's Apprentice

-----, ------ Mrs. Campbell's Sister

Campbell, James

Colin, Mary

Clarey, Mrs. Cherry-Street

Connoly, John

Chevalier, Mr. French Teacher, Cliff do

Delaval, Mr.

Dalton, James, Labourer, Cherry-Street

Day, James, Cooper, Water-Street

De Witt, William, Baker, White-Hall

Dunscomb, Daniel, jun. George-Street

Dalton, Mary

Dalton, Mary (daughter)

Dallan, Stephen

Durshee, Elizabeth, Gold-Street

Dupouse, Sarah

Dissonway, David

Duncan, William, Editor of the Directory

Davenport, Joesph

Dator, Jacob

Dunscomb, Tidford

Dad, Don of Daniel, Water do

Daniel, Samuel

Dalton, Samuel

Dalton, William, English Gentleman, Cherry do

Daughton, Martha, Cherry do

Dyce, Francis

Dixon, James

Dodson, Mary, Cherry do

Drowley, James, Merchant, Cherry do

Dodds, Mrs. Wife of Thomas, Pearl do

Doyle, Mrs.

Dealing, Ann

Drawbridge, Nathaniel, Merchant, Cherry do

Dodd, Mary Water do

Doody, John, Englishman, just arrived

Diling, Mr. William do

Davis, Mrs. Catherine do

Du Bois, Elizabeth, Golden-Hill

Dyer, Ephraim

Duffel, Sarah

Dracker, William, Pearl do

Dunscomb, Mrs. Wife of Daniel, George do

Dickenson, Betty, Negro Woman, Cherry do

Eden, Polly, Nurse,Cherry-Street

Eigle, Mary

Eustace, Mrs.

Ewen, Samuel

Eustace, Mr. Taylor, Water do

Ellison, James

Elliot, Arthur

Egelson, Sally

Egbert. Mr.

Fitch. James, Clerk, Pearl do

Fardon, William

Finch. Edward

Fee, Jacob, Painter and Glazier, Magazine do

Fogerty, John

Fountain, James

Fillegreen, Mr.

Fargu, Mr. Cooper, Crane-Wharf

Flanagan, Patrick

Flanel, James

Finley, John

Franklin, -----, Mate of the Ship Connecticut

French Gentleman, Pearl Street

Ford, Elijah, Water do

Fifter, Julia, Cherry do

Fanny, a Negro

Frazier, Mr. Bavaria-Lane

Fenney, Jeremiah, Mariner

Ferguson, John, Labourer, George-Street

Fay, Anne

Fay, Barnard, House-Carpenter, Water do

Freeman, Mrs. Wife of Silas, Cheapside

Fenton, Joseph, Sail-Maker, Pecks-Slip

Farlie, William, Grocer, Wall-Street

----, -------, Apprentice to Flood, Joiner

Flood, Joiner, Pearl do.

Fish, Cornelius, Water Street

Fargu, Mrs.

Frank, Black, Singing-master, Cherry do

Francis, Melchior, Grocer, Pearl do

Farrel, James

Girven, John, Book-binder

Griswold, Timothy, Mariner

Green, Samuel, Clerk, Dover do

Gallaway, John, Scotch Gent. Water do

Graham, John Water do

Gants, Elizabeth, Servant

Gale, Joseph, Shoemaker, Water do

Gorham, Nancy

Green, Mary

Gleen, William, Division do

Graham, Elijah

Gaylor, John, Boat-builder, Water do

Gardener, Miss, Andrews-Alley

Gray, Joshua

Goodwin, Joseph

Grant, Edward, Labourer, Rutgers-Street

Garland, Phoebe, wife of George, Fly-Market

Grant, Allen

Gordon, John Van

Godfrey, William

Glover, John, Roosevelt do

Glover, Mrs. Wife of John

-----, -----,

------,------- two children under 10 years belonging to John Glover

Griffiths, William, Mariner

Gilkinson, Thomas

Gidney, Mrs. New-Slip

Gardener, Mrs. Water-Street

Gardener, Moses, Shoemaker

Griggs, Andrew, Merchant, Fletcher-Street

Griffiths, Edward

Gracey, Melville, Grocer, Catherine Street

Gilmore, Miss

Grancey, George

Gouman, Samuel

Gatty, Elizabeth

Gouby, William

Gibson, Mr. Merchant, William do

Grant, James

Gardner, jun. Mr.

Gabeel, David

Goddard, Freehove

Garey, Mary

Gauter, Cornelius

Gloor, William

Heake, William

Hubbs, David

Hevieard, Mr.

Hunt. Eden, Inn-Keeper, Water do

Holmes, John

Higginbottom, Capt. John H.

Hamilton, Mrs.

Hart, James

Hayr, Abigail

Halliday, Mrs., wife of Henry, Water do

Hinunnen, Gasper

Harraway, Catherine

Hunter, Peter

Hewitt, Captain H.

Hutchins, Mr.

Hannah, Mrs.

Hornbury, Angus

Hannah, Mary

Herring, John

Hubb. Isaac, Grocer, Catehrine-Street

Hawxhurst, Miss, Peck-Slip

Hogland, Henry, pearl do

Hewitt, Charlotte

Huggerford, peter, Druggist, Pearl do

Huggerford, John, Physician, Beekman do

----,-----, Mrs. Halliday's sister, Water do

Horton, Isaac, Grocer, Fly-Market

Heymer, George

Hart, Mrs. Wife of Jacob, Pearl do

Harr, Samuel, Broadway

Hull, Mrs.

Harvey, James, Blacksmith

Hare, Mrs. Lombard do

Heyer, Walter, Clerk, Pearl do

Hawxhurst, Daniel, Leather-dresser, pearl do

Hannibal, a black man, at Peck-Slip

Holdup, Mrs. Wife of Thomas, Fly-Market

Holdup, William

-----, -----, Harmer's Apprentice

Heron, John, Cartman, :Lombard-Street

Hoyt, Abigail, Fletcher's wharf

Hill, John G.

Harris, Mary

Hume, Henry

Hormes, Robert

Huthwaite, John, Clerk, William-Street

Hedges, Mrs.

Header, Mrs.

Hustis, John

Houstin, William

Ivers, Hezekiah, Ship-Chandler, New-market

Inglis, Hudson, Shoemaker

Jenkins, Amiel, Merchant, Water do

-----, Jacamiah

Jones, Mathew, Carpenter, Roosevelt do

Johnson, Mrs. Near Fly-Market

Johnson, Jenny

Jennings, Mr. Pewterer, Water Street

Jessop, Amos, Blacksmith

------, Jeremiah, Mariner

Jones, Rebecca

Jones, Thomas

Johnston, Joseph

Jones, Thomas, Brewer, Cheapside

James, Thomas

Johnston, Mary, black woman, Roosevelt do

Johnston, John

Jeffery, Rachel

Dutch John

Kessiak, an Indian Woman

Kelly, Richard

King, George, Labourer

Keen, Mary

Kingsland, Sally, Catherine do.

Kelney, Hugh

Knapp, Joseph, Tavern-keeper, James do

Knight, Mrs., wife of Ogden, Roosevelt do.

Kipp, Anne

Kiejoy, Hugh

Leacraft, Mrs. Wife of Willet

Low, William, Taylor, Water do

Lewis, Captain David

Little, Hugh

Ledyard, William, Water do

Loudon, Samuel, jun, Printer, Water do

Lockhart, Patrick

Legett, Phebe, Pearl do

Lang, (or Long), a Gentleman from Martinico

Lee, James, Merchant, Pearl Street

Lamb, Martin, Painter, James do

Little, Charles, Rutgers do

Lawrence, Margaret, Pearl do

Leader, Mrs. Roosevelt do

Leader, Miss, daughter of do

Leister, Robert, Ship-carpenter, Cheapside

Le Villard, William, Merchant, Front do

Lamb, Mrs.

Loosey, Mrs.

Lynch, John

Lewis, James

Lowe, Mrs. Labouring woman

M'Dowel, Conway

M'Nabb, Mr. Lumber Merchant

M'Gunnigal, Patrick, Labourer

M'Kinley, Catharine

M'Murray, Jane, Water do

M'Kenzie, James

M'Quay, Barney, Water do

M;'Kinnon, Catharine

M'Donald, Polly

M'Donald, Mrs.

M'Laren, Barney, Labourer

M'Cavin, Daniel, Sailor

M'Kenzie, Mary

M'Narry, Peter

M'Dougal, Neal, Taylor, Water do

M'Kinley, Alexander, Labourer, George do

M'Kinley, Mr. son of do

M'Kenzie, Isabel

M'Alpine, Mrs. Batavia-lane

M'Kenzie, Eleonor M'Donald, William, Baker, Chestnut Street

M'Donald, Mary

Mrs. M'Neal

M'Kenzie, Alexander

M'Nabb, Mr. Grocer

M'Donald, Anne

M'Dowel, Mr.

M'Cormick, Philip

M'Crea, Mrs.

M'Coor, John

M'Connel, Susannah

Miller, Mr.

Miller, Anne


Mullen, Jean, Pilot

Man, Richard

Murphy, John, Labourer

Meeks, Betty

Murphy, ----

Miller, Charles, Shoemaker, Fitches-wharf

Matthews, James

Maynard, Phinehas

Mitchell, Michael

Meen, Andrew

Miller, James

Manger, John

Mulberry, ------

Miller, Mrs. Dover do

----- ------, Apprentice to M'Bane, Blacksmith

---- ------, a man at Bloodgood's

Marshall, Capt. Gilbert of Greenwich

Mills, -----, Cardmaker, Cherry do

------ ------, White Matlock's Servant Maid

Mary, Mullatto Woman of Mr. Laight's

Motte, Richard, Merchant, Peck-Slip

Munn, Robert, Clerk, Water-Street

Motte, William

Mott, Mr.

Maxwell, Arthur

Montgomery, Hugh

Moutier, William

Moneur, John, Brewer

Moore, William, Merchant, Water do

Milburns, Mr.

Mine, Mary

Moore, Isaac, Taylor, Cherry do

Moore, Mrs. Mother of do

Moncreiff, Mrs. Cherry do

Mills, Alexander

Mance, ----, Mariner

Mason, Mrs.

Mitchel, William

Morris, William

Mulenain, Mrs.

Mactain, Mrs.

Morris, Robert

Montgomery, Henry

Murray, Robert

Magattee, Harmanus

Manning, John

Nicholas, William

Nicholls, ---- Joiner, Hage do

Nelson, James, Mason, Water do

Neilson, Mrs. Water do

Neilson, Mr. junior, Water do

Nixon, Mr.

Nations, Sally, George do

Norton, Isaac

Nicholls, Mr. Fly-Market

Nicholas, Moses

Notter, Jacob

Ogilvie, Isaac, Mariner

Oswald, Col, Eleazer, Printer, of Philadelphia

Ogilvie, John, House-carpenter

Ogilvie, Anthony, Painter & Glazier, Oliver do

Ogilvie, Widow

Orr, James

O'Gorman, Mrs. George do

Oliver, William, George do

Paine, James

Penny, Charles, Book-binder

Packharness, john

Peebles, John

Potter, George, inn-keeper, Water do

Provoost, James, Merchant, Cheapside

Powell, Samuel

Parcells, Mr. Ship-carpenter, Division do

Plumer, Richard

Parker, Asher, Taylor, Beekman do

Parker, Mrs.

---- -----, Portuguese, Segar-maker, Water do

Post, Mrs. Wife of John, Water do

Powers, John, Ship-carpenter, Water do

Punderson, Thomas, Waterman, Water do

Paine, Jaspar, Shoemaker, Charlotte do

Parks, Thomas, Mariner

Perry, Stephen, Blacksmith

Pearsly, Nancy, Cherry-do

Pearsly, Deborah, Ferry do

Provoost, Miss Nancy, Cheapside

Pennyear, William, Ship-carpenter, Cheapside

Parker's servant man, Front-Street

Philips, Michael, Waterman

Palmer, Abijah

Platt, Samuel

Patterson, Mrs.

Peebles, Sarah

Pears, Mr.

Quick, James, Taylor, Beekman do

Rhodes, James, Merchant, Pearl-Street

Rhodes, John, Water do

Richards, William

Ross, William G.

Ricker, Nancy

Reeves, James

Robinson, William

Ramsay, James

Rose, Sarah

Ryan, Edmund

Rooper, Mr. Oysterman

Rooper, Mrs. Wife to do

Rogers, Polly

Rogers, Captain Matthew

Robinson, John, Clerk, Pearl do

Rose, William, Catharine do

Robson, William, Tin-smith, Water do

Rawlinson, Thomas, Painter, Pearl do

Robertson, John, Merchant Taylor, Water do

Roosevelt, Mrs. Wife to Oliver, Cherry do

Roger, Isaiah, Schoolmaster, Lombard do

Ramsay, James

Reeves, Barnabas, Grocer, New-Slip

Ricker, John, Sail-maker, James do

Reeves, Widow, New-Slip

Reed, Thomas

Ringes, Widow, New-Slip

Reed, Thomas

Ringes, John, Clerk, Cherry do

Rogers, Owen

Roome, Mr.

Royal, Patrick

Russel, Francis

Ray, James

Russel, Susannah

Richards, Anne

Rosier, James B.

Stratten, William, Cabinet-maker, Chestnut do

Sing, Mr.

Smith, Elisha, Clerk, Pearl do

Smith, Mrs.

Smith, Catharine

Smith, Mr. a young man in Water do

Smith, William

Smith, Mary, Water do

Smith, Mrs. Water do

Smith, Mrs. Wife of Robert, Catharine do

Smith, Michael, Barber, Cherry do

Smith, Captain John

Smith, Mrs. wife of Michael, Cherry do

Smith, Mrs. Water do

Smith, Mary, Servant Maid, Water do

Smith, Daniel

Smith, Julia

-------, Sarah

Sim, George

Statterly, John, Mariner

Skinner, Abraham

Soulag, John

Scott. William, Callico Galzier

Scot, John

Sands, Thomas

Sands, Phebe

Sands, Mary

Sprainger, John

Sherman, ------

Shemil, Mrs.

Stobo, William, Taylor

Shute, Frederick, Tavern-keeper, Cherry-Street

Shute, Mr. brother of do George do

Sims, Tho. Lumber Merchant, Mulberry do

Sim, George, Porter Bottler, Water do

Skinner, Abraham, Student at law, Cherry do

Scudder, George, Catharine do

Seaman, Mrs. wife to Thomas, Pecks-slip

Stewart, Abigail

Sheffield, ----, Water do

Sheffield, Capt. Aaron

Sline, John, Ship-carpenter, Water do

Sline, Anne

Stout, William

Sprainger, Mary, Cherry do

Shourt, Mr.

Seaman, Samuel

Simonton, Robert

Shaw, -----

Sanderson, Thomas

Skaats, Rynier

Sanders, Mrs.

Stymets, Fred. One of the Committee, Nassau do

------, Sarah

-------, William, a Sailor

------,------, a Swede Sailor

------, Nicholas, a Sailor, Crane-Wharf

-----, Jeremy, a Sailor of Brig Hiram

----- ------,

----- ------ Two Negroes, Names unknown

Treat, Dr. Malachia, Health-Officer, died the 29th, July; supposed to be the first victim, and probably caught the infection on board the brig Zephyr, from Port-au-Prince

Thistle, Samuel, Oysterman

Taylor, John

Tillinghast, Charles, Dep. Collector, Cherry do

Tate, William

Travers, Bartholomew, Blacksmith, Water do

Thomas, John, Shoemaker

Tweed, Philip, Blacksmith

Tappan, Mrs.

Twit, William, Water do

Thompson, George, Labourer, Skinner do

Thompson, James, Book-binder, Pearl do

Thompson, Asa

Thompson, John

Titus, Mrs. mother of Timothy, Cherry do

Tropper, Mrs. George do

Turner, Capt. William

Thorp, Joseph, Wall do

Tydgaat, Jacob, Stationer, Beekman-Slip

Thornbury, Agnes

-----, Thomas, Blacksmith, Water do

Todwin, Joseph

Toby, William, Labourer

Tidd, Ann

Tier, Mrs.

Tomkins, Eleazer

Underwood, Elijah

Varian, Michael, Merchant, Maiden-lane

Vannerman, Anthony

Vallen William

Vanderondrie, Mr.

Vincent, George

Varian, Michael, Butcher, Bowery

Varck, John, Water do

Van Gordon, John

Van Dyk, Mary, Rutgers do

Vander Enden, John, Merchant

-----, ------, a lad of Mr. Fellows's

Van Peet, Christopher

Verriner, John

Wells, Horace, Silver-Smith, Pearl

Wallace, Samuel, joiner, Cross do

Wyley, Mrs.

Williams, Ephraim

Watson, James

Whiteleg, Mary

Wright, -----, Butcher

Wright, Mrs. wife to do

Welsh, Barbarra

Williams, Mr.

Whiton, Mr. Catharine-Street

Whiting, Miss, George do

Wright, Elias

Williams, Richard, Watch-maker

Webster, Lewis

Wentworth, Col. Michael

Woods, Thomas, Baker, Gold do

Woods, Jeremiah, Tanner, Ferry do

Wick, Jesse, Deputy Sheriff

Webb, Nathan, Druggist, Pearl do

West, Thomas, Upholsterer, Water do

Wayland, Levi, Printer, Water do

Watson, James, jun. Near the Battery

Welsh, Mrs. wife to James, Roosevelt do

Wieeson, William

Willing, William

Wheeler, Silas

Wheeler, James, Merchant, William do

Wise, Thomas

Windhart, Dennis, Ferry do

Will, Thomas

Wild, Motly

Wall, Thomas

Whiteman, John

West, Mr.

Warner, Thomas, Anne-Street

Wood, Henry

Weeks, Eleazar

Woodward, William

Youles, George

Young, John

Youngs, Joseph, Carpenter, Division do

Young, Isaac, Farmer, from Fort Pitt

Young, James


----,----- Two men belonging to the Ship William - names unknown.


NEW-YORK, Printed NOVEMBER 7th, 1795,