Beaver Lore:

Writings by others on beavers

At the same time I began to watch beavers, I began to read about them. Follow the links below and read my reactions to what other beaver observers wrote

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Non-fiction books for general readers just about beavers

Lily Pond: Four Years with a Family of Beavers by Hope Ryden
The American Beaver by Lewis H. Morgan
Castorologia or the History and Traditions of the Canadian Beaver by Horace T. Martin
The Romance of the Beaver by A. Radclyffe Dugmore
In Beaver World by Enos A. Mills

Guide books about mammals that include beavers

Animal Tracking and Behavior by Donald and Lillian Stokes
William Smellie's 1781 translation of Buffon's Natural History

History Books and Books of Historical Travels that mention beavers

The Jesuit Relations
The Frog King by Boria Sax

Accounts of the European Beaver

Classical Sources
Medieval Sources

Books about the Fur Trade

Calvin Martin on Beavers and Indians

Scientific books and articles about beavers

Food Hoarding in Animals by Stephen B. Vander Wall
Otters Breaching Beaver Dams by Reed et al.
Effects of Beavers on Trout by Richard Gard
The Beaver-Meadow Complex by Ronald Ives
Nitrogen Budget of a subartic stream altered by beaver by Naiman and Melillo
Effects of Beaver Ponds on Fishes in a North Missouri Stream by Hanson and Campbell
Central place foraging by beavers by Mark A. McGinley and Thomas G. Whitham

Novels that mention beavers

The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

Movies and Television Shows that deal with beavers

Hey! first, a play I wrote about Beavers, Otters and other Swamp Mammals!

by Bob Arnebeck

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