Beavers as Wilderness Makers

A Short Course on Beaver Behavior

Beavers change their environment and in doing so add wilderness to the human environment.

TIMBER! Beavers and trees

We use engineering words to describe what they do, but the beavers' dams, reservoirs, canals and lodges disorder the human world and renew it.





My experiences with Beavers

A story I wrote about beavers: It all started when I fished a dead beaver out of the river on the day my friend, the old island trapper, Ernie died....


Beaver Aesthetics:

The usual encounter with a beaver entails little more than seeing it swim and react to your presence. And so often you see no beaver at all, only its works. Learn to enjoy these experiences and soon the world of the beaver will open

The Beauty of the Beaver in Motion motion.html


The Beauty of the Beavers' Works working.html

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